Computer Graphic Methods is a CGI Workspace specialized in real state, retail and public space, creating visuals and Rendering for Archviz / Arts.

We make photographs for tomorrow’s reality.
We work closely with designers, architects and developers as a design tool to help them visualize their potential projects, presentations or competitions.
Our main goal is to produce unique and exclusive products, paying special attention to photorealism.



CGMethods was founded in 2018 by Luis Linaje, an 3D Artist and interior architect based in Madrid.

He has more than 10 years experience working for different companies related to computer graphics, including 24-studio and ARX solutions. Luis then decided to resume his activity independently as a Freelancer, founding CGMethods, a CGI workshop. 

Passionate about architecture, he decided to develop skills in CG as a means of expression and representation, creating photographs for tomorrow’s reality. He started mimicking reality and then materializing projects from sketches and plans into photographs that seek to awaken the senses.

His concern to seek new forms of expression and his passion for cinema and architecture are the fuel for a vehicle that does not want to stop.

The team comprises a variety of professional profiles of feelancers including designers, 3D modelers, architects and interior and industrial designers who are passionate about their work


CGMethods is based in Madrid, but works with clients all over the world.
Our studio is a fresh open space with the soul and the character of our images.




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